Friday, May 27, 2011

Words with friends: Android App Review

I decided along with Starcraft II info, I would also review some Android apps that I enjoy. I was thinking about making a separate blog, but figured putting them all in once place wouldn't be so bad.

The first game I choose to review is Words with friends. Its a free game but also has a paid version the remove the ads. It is a game a scrabble complete that you play with your friends, from your respective phones. You start by searching for a game by username, phone number, or other ways to get a game going.

The ads themselves are pretty invasive, so the paid app might be a good idea. Any of you guys play?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starcraft Session 3v3s

After not playing for a week or so I played a lot of 3v3s tonight. It went pretty well. One of my better strategies was gateways and zealot charge blink and upgrades. I chrono boosted all of my techs and just was in his base with charging zealots. Then after I expansion was up and running, I built a lot of gateways and just pushed into one of the teammates base with a group of zealots.

I had a lot of cheese thrown at me like ling rush and cannons. Mostly to counter the cheese I just needed to scout a lot better.

I just have a hard time keeping track of where I need to scout. Anyone have any tips on how to make sure to scout better?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starcraft casters I follow

I follow a couple different Starcraft 2 Videocasters.

  • Day9
  • hdstarcraft
  • husky
  • stratbunker
Anyone have any other Starcraft 2 Casters that are good. I have only watched 1v1s. But I am starting to become a lot more interested in 2v2s and more. Anyone have anyone that casts games like that and is fun to watch.

Lately I have been playing Zerg and Protoss. My Protoss is better then my zerg I just have a better build order, and know my way around the tech tree better.

What do you guys play? Thanks for all the new followers already to 50!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Games played lately

Starcraft has been my game of choice lately 2v2s, 3v3s mostly. The fan base around the game is pretty incredible. When I first played original Starcraft I did not follow the game much more then, big game hunter map games with my friends. The video replays of the matches with commentary are a lot more fun to watch then previously thought. The casters usually have a lot of good input about the game to help, learn about the workings, mechanics and strategy in the game.